The Tour Experience

Learn How to Become an Elephant Whisperer

Therapeutic Trek

You will trek through the jungle alongside two adult elephants, surrounded by jungle streams and luscious rice fields as you trek (2.5km round trip). Once your trek is completed, a delicious lunch will follow at the MandaLao property.

Half Day Tour

8 Persons Max

Pickup time: 8:30 am or 9:15 am

Drop off : ~13:15 or 13:45 pm


Continue deeper into the jungle after the Therapeutic Trek. You will spend your day trekking (5km round trip) with two adult elephants. Lunch will be served in the forest, Lao style, just before you visit the isolated Tad Kuang Song waterfall.

Full Day Tour

4 Persons Max

Pickup time: 8:30am or 9:15 am

Drop off: ~16:00 or 16:45

Communicating with Elephants

You will begin the tour by creating nutritious treats for the elephants. After meeting the elephants on the banks of the Nam Kahn, give them your treats and walk briefly with them before coming back to the property for local snacks.

Afternoon Tour

6 Persons Max

Pickup time: 14:00

Drop off: ~17:30

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